I cannot say enough about Ana!!! She is truly awesome. She captured the most amazing moments of our babies. Every image is the perfect display of their personalities. The photo shoot was so effortless and they were so relaxed. They had so much fun and it shows. Ana has an amazing eye for detail and is clearly passionate about the quality of her work. I could not choose between all of the awesome shots so I ordered a book. Ana put two amazing arrangements together and sent me a link to preview them. When she received my book she was not happy with the quality of it so she took it upon herself to contact the manufacturer and correct it. I am so thankful and could not be happier with the finished product of the book and all of the prints I ordered. My order arrived in the cutest package with the most adorable details. Ana is a joy to work with and words cannot express how thankful I am for her.
— Lisa Lindsey
I can’t say enough about this wonderful woman. It takes a kind heart to love animals, and an even kinder heart to help them. Thank you so much for giving so much time out of your day to help local non profit rescues! You are an angel! (It helps that she’s an amazing photographer too! ) Your pictures are beautiful just like your soul. Thanks again! And look forward to getting an appointment set up for some of my fur-babies!!
— Jessica Baringer
Ana is one of those rare individuals & photographers who brings heart and soul along with creativity to her shoots. I was fortunate enough to have her take photos of a foster Diva (dog :) I had with Legacy Boxer Rescue and words cannot describe the end result. The shots were fun, introspective and let the true personality of my foster shine through. As soon as I met Ana, I felt a warmth and passion for what she does. She takes her time to get that perfect shot and truly cares for her subjects. I highly recommend Ana for any photography you need-animals or those 2 legged folks without fur! We miss her here in Texas! California, you got lucky and got one AWESOME lady as well as photographer living in your state.
— Anissa Wilson
Ana is an amazing professional with great results. I have hired her several times and have been beyond happy with the amazing results of her work. I would recommend her for anything you need to create lasting memories for.
— Laura Goyen
Ana is a pleasure to work with. She came to my house, took professional photographs of my three boxers (which took the patience of Job) and the pictures were fabulous. I have seen her work with families and the results are just a great. I highly recommend Ana for any photographs you may need taken.
— April Robins
I have worked with Ana more on more than one occasion. She is extremely passionate, talented, focused, and a true perfectionist when it comes to getting the right shot. Ana is always open to learning which makes her an even more amazing photographer. Being that I am Fitness Professional I need to look a certain way in my photos and she gets that, its different than other shoots shes had, the angles have to be just right, the poses just right, the clothes just perfect, etc, etc, and Ana has made that happen through her pure understanding and eye for this art. She IS the next BIG thing in the Photography world.

I would recommend Ana Deshpande over anyone to everyone.
— Faryn Schwartz
Ana has wonderful creative side when it comes to photography and has a great skill for shot that is all natural. She took some great pictures for our anniversary that we will always cherish, they are fun and natural in our own backyard. We are especially grateful because of our dogs that are in our anniversary pictures is in heaven now, but we have some of the greatest shots of her and “her daddy”
— Lisa Hostetler