Session Spotlight_Max and Mara

I had the pleasure... correction, immense pleasure of photographing Max and Mara during my trip to Texas (DFW) in June earlier this year. The weather had not been on my side this time around and it rained almost every day, the whole week I was there, and it was hot and humid when it wasn't raining. Luckily, the rain held back during our shoot and the joy and enthusiasm with which Max and Mara showed me around their playing ground pretty much made up for the distress of the whole week.

Here are some of the images from our fun, adventurous, heartwarming, playful shoot. Enjoy!

Max and Mara showing off their good side.

Max, the Dude.

Mara, the Diva.

This one's mine!

Wherever I go, the frisbee goes.

Almost... it!

No, means no!

Hey, it's so pretty out here!

He won't let me play with it.

You're right! It is pretty out here!

What are YOU doing?

Love you, Mama!

She's kissing him again, isn't she?

Alright, alright! I know you love me, too!

I want a cookie!

Can I get one, too?

Max and Mara also got their very own, custom designed book. Check it out here!

I love meeting new pups and their best friends! Every session is so refreshingly unique and incredibly fun. For a collection of your very own memories, book a photo session today!

And again, thank you so much for stopping by <3